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*moves to New York for art school*
damn. tourists are ruining this city imo.

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i have all this beeswax

i have all this beeswax i bought it to finish a piece for a class last semester but theres so much. i wanted to make lotion but i have no money to buy herbs (calendula, comfrey, et cet) to put in it. i have so much beeswax. its just hanging out in my house. does anybody want some beeswax? does anybody have tips fr things i can do w beeswax?


Cayetana - South Philly

“I fall asleep to the sound of violence and I wake up to the sound of sirens and you and your missing parts and you with your dreams in jars. Riding south I can’t see the northern lights or the apathy we shared on those drunken summer nights. Just me with my dreams in jars, poor me with my missing parts.

I watch you day dream about god. Are you day dreaming still? But what has he done for you? I fall asleep to the sounds.

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This is the single greatest thing that’s ever been on this website.

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Night and Fog in Japan (Nagisa Oshima, 1960)

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UFO spotter’s guide, 1967


UFO spotter’s guide, 1967

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"You are my favorite because you’re a long shot"

Hop Along - No Good Al Joad 

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*swirls a anime in a glass* hmm *sniffs* this is extremely tight shit

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